Sunday, August 24, 2008

Package from Maryland

I was so tickled to receive this package from my swap partner and to discover that she is my very dear friend Carissa ;D

This handspun yarn is very special...Carissa spun it from fiber from one of my own sheep, a Corriedale ewe named Coryn (Carissa bought her lamb fleece). I just can't explain how touched I am by this yarn! She carded it with hunter green and deep purple alpaca and silk and added just a touch of gold firestar. It is sitting next to my computer where I can just squeeze it every so often - LOL!

There was also this precious little felt covered journal and some of my favorite caramel/chocolate candy.

Thank you, dear Friend, for such a special treat! And, you did a great job keeping your identity a secret ;p

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thank you Carla

I rec'd a lovely parcel from Carla (TX) last week and while I did send her a card thanking her.. I did not post right away. I am so sorry for the lapse. I've posted pics on my blog. The parcel was delightful and perfect in every way!!