Monday, July 28, 2008

Package arrival

Hi there folks! Just wanted to ask you to let me know (or post on Ravelry) when you have received a package from your swap pal. I'm keeping track of this to make sure everyone gets their package. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I got my AWESOME package from Wendy in New Zealand - we have been in communication so she knows and I have taken pictures but as anyone can tell from my Ravelry account I am a picture uploading flop - hopefully I can figure it out. Also I sent my package out today

Susanknitsalot (need to change my ravname I think :)

tarcher said...

I got mine this week. I haven't taken pic's yet. Everything is FABULOUS!!!!! Love it all! It's from Chrissie and I think from the package that she's in Singapore.

tarcher said...

I also have all my swap pals booty collected and ready just have to get some bubble wrap and get to the post office, LOL.